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The Bigbee-Highland Merger: 6 Months In

6 months ago today we got married! Woot!  Wedding, dress, friends, donuts, Star Wars, blah blah blah, now you’re caught up.  Ok, so what has marriage been like for 6 months? Discoveries? Fights? Changes? Expectations.  I mean…yeah.  All of that.  Plus so much more.   Irrational as it may have been I had the association that fun and sweet relationship growth ends when… Read more →


Bleed Freely: THINX

Puberty brought with it not only our periods, but also the dread of blood stains.   Inevitably. It happens.  Even now that I’m a grown woman. Yes! Even now under all this sophistication (*smirk*) there is occasionally a pair of ruined lace panties.  I’ve gotten pretty good at the removal tricks over the years: hydrogen peroxide, cold water, scrubbing, more… Read more →

The Highland Life: Big Bear

I’m sure you’ve guessed what our first bit of news is: We’re going to live in Big Bear this winter. We came to Big Bear this summer for our Honeymoon with the intent of moving back to Ventura County for the Winter because snow.  Buuuuuuut there have been some things that made us reconsider this decision.  Does that mean we… Read more →