Ballet, Snowboard, Ballet, Snowboard, Ballet, Snowboard, Yoga

Here we are in Big Bear. Living in a real life winter wonderland and snowboarding all the time. I’ve already shared with a you a hundred times about why I love dancing so very much, but what about snowboarding? When did that start? How? WHY? Fun fact, I started snowboarding BEFORE I started dancing; January of 2001 I went snowboarding… Read more →

Condoms Are Really Chemical Pockets

So, condoms are like ULTRA toxic.  Eff.   Which is now a real thing to me because while I love the concept of my FemCap (cervical cap) it turns out that my particular cervix is non-cooperative. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT IS. Arg. Turns out that condoms are just easier, and actually cut down on the stickiness factor of sex quite… Read more →

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The Bigbee-Highland Merger: 6 Months In

6 months ago today we got married! Woot!  Wedding, dress, friends, donuts, Star Wars, blah blah blah, now you’re caught up.  Ok, so what has marriage been like for 6 months? Discoveries? Fights? Changes? Expectations.  I mean…yeah.  All of that.  Plus so much more.   Irrational as it may have been I had the association that fun and sweet relationship growth ends when… Read more →


Bleed Freely: THINX

Puberty brought with it not only our periods, but also the dread of blood stains.   Inevitably. It happens.  Even now that I’m a grown woman. Yes! Even now under all this sophistication (*smirk*) there is occasionally a pair of ruined lace panties.  I’ve gotten pretty good at the removal tricks over the years: hydrogen peroxide, cold water, scrubbing, more… Read more →