Dear 22 Year-Old Self

For the Spring Performance the other dance teachers and I are choreographing a piece dedicated to all our young dancers.  We’re empowering each other’s strength and beauty to encourage the girls as they approach womanhood. The music is “Beautiful” by India.Arie.  In the process of creating this piece the three of us are sharing our battle wounds from life which… Read more →

Ballet, Snowboard, Ballet, Snowboard, Ballet, Snowboard, Yoga

Here we are in Big Bear. Living in a real life winter wonderland and snowboarding all the time. I’ve already shared with a you a hundred times about why I love dancing so very much, but what about snowboarding? When did that start? How? WHY? Fun fact, I started snowboarding BEFORE I started dancing; January of 2001 I went snowboarding… Read more →

Condoms Are Really Chemical Pockets

So, condoms are like ULTRA toxic.  Eff.   Which is now a real thing to me because while I love the concept of my FemCap (cervical cap) it turns out that my particular cervix is non-cooperative. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT IS. Arg. Turns out that condoms are just easier, and actually cut down on the stickiness factor of sex quite… Read more →

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The Bigbee-Highland Merger: 6 Months In

6 months ago today we got married! Woot!  Wedding, dress, friends, donuts, Star Wars, blah blah blah, now you’re caught up.  Ok, so what has marriage been like for 6 months? Discoveries? Fights? Changes? Expectations.  I mean…yeah.  All of that.  Plus so much more.   Irrational as it may have been I had the association that fun and sweet relationship growth ends when… Read more →