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Cervical Fluids? What?

Women as a group spend a lot of time and energy trying to disguise the fact that we have stuff coming out of us most of the time. Let’s level about this 100% normal part of owning a vagina, and put those fluids to work for us in the process of getting to know our fertility. This blog is here to help clarify the descriptive words and boost your confidence in “reading” your cervical fluids! Read more →

Condoms Without Cancer

We’ve talked about how terrible condoms are for us, right? Yeah. The majority of condoms have terrible chemicals that we are putting right on our tenderest bits. Awesome. Which is why I’M FREAKING STOKED on this sexy company, Sustain Natural, for creating a non-toxic solution! And it’s a subscription model. Yes. Condoms delivered to your door. No more awkward cashier exchanges. Read more →