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No babies, no chemicals, no problem.

Fertility and Empowerment

There is not enough conversation about contraception. Knowledge is power and we need better education about our fertility in order to be empowered to make our own choices. Ultimate female empowerment is taking back my reproductive power through fully understanding my body’s ability and process of creating and sustaining life, and using that information to my benefit and to serve my life choices. Read more →

Still Not Pregnant

It’s been over a year since the blogs about how to not make humans with our genitals, and there are two things I’d like to report: Condoms; they’re not that bad. I’m still not pregnant! Yay! All those blogs about staying baby-free without chemicals or hormones? You can read them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and An Update. Or you… Read more →

An Update on the FemCap and NFP: a.k.a. HOW do I KNOW it’s in place and WTF is wrong with my body.

I’m not going to lie. Things are not going as well as initially expected with the FemCap and NFP. Where do I start apart from the frustration and demoralization? These methods of procreation prevention are starting to feel like the worst game of Russian roulette I’ve ever come across. Because when it comes to warding off more humans, “I THINK this… Read more →