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Holistic wellness, but also this glass of wine.

Condoms Without Cancer

We’ve talked about how terrible condoms are for us, right? Yeah. The majority of condoms have terrible chemicals that we are putting right on our tenderest bits. Awesome. Which is why I’M FREAKING STOKED on this sexy company, Sustain Natural, for creating a non-toxic solution! And it’s a subscription model. Yes. Condoms delivered to your door. No more awkward cashier exchanges. Read more →

Bleed Freely: THINX

Puberty brought with it not only our periods, but also the dread of blood stains.   Inevitably. It happens.  Even now that I’m a grown woman. Yes! Even now under all this sophistication (*smirk*) there is occasionally a pair of ruined lace panties.  I’ve gotten pretty good at the removal tricks over the years: hydrogen peroxide, cold water, scrubbing, more… Read more →