Cervical Fluids? What?

Women as a group spend a lot of time and energy trying to disguise the fact that we have stuff coming out of us most of the time. Let’s level about this 100% normal part of owning a vagina, and put those fluids to work for us in the process of getting to know our fertility. That stuff is a great way to gauge where you are in your cycle, and ultimately whether or not you could make a baby tonight! Before we get too into this post about our goop, let’s clarify the difference between cervical fluid and vaginal moisture.

Your vag self-regulates and is always some kind of “humid”. If you put your finger in there and take it out, it’ll dry off in a sec. If you’re turned on the membranes in your love tunnel produce lube in order to make the lovin’ good, but those fluids will dry up in an hour or so which means you have the rest of the day to keep your eye out for other fluids coming down the pipeline. So yeah, checking in on your fluids while you’re in the mood is not going to give you the best results. Ok, now on to cervical fluids!

Point to remember: the more similar texture your fluids are to semen the more fertile you are because your body WANTS to get pregnant and makes sure that when you have a viable egg that his soldiers can easily and safely make it to the egg. Which means if you pay attention to the ebb and flow of of your cervical fluids you can have get enormous insight to your fertile and non-fertile windows.

The biggest challenge for me when I started learning to “read” my fluids was trying to reconcile the descriptive words used in books with the actual fluids coming out of me. “Creamy”, “Dry”, “Eggwhites”, “Stretchy”, I DON’T KNOW? Mine aren’t exactly like any of that! I was genuinely over-whelmed and confused. If you’ve read the book, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” then you have seen a few examples in the images and I’m here to tell you that our fluids can and will differ greatly woman to woman. Take heart.

Point to remember: don’t try to second guess what your fluids “should” be vs. what they are ACTUALLY. Just take it one day at a time and report honestly what you find. Fluids can be the same for days or suddenly change in an afternoon. Just go with it.

Recently I had a major turning point in my tracking experience. I’ve mentioned it several times, but I use a fertility tracking app, OvuView, on an almost daily basis. Last month they rolled out an update that is a total game changer! It gave me a whole new set of descriptive words that have genuinely helped me to demystify my wet stuff. Obvi, I screen shot my app to share with you!












See how there are several categories to clarify all the stuff? I love that. Sensation means how do you feel after sitting for a while and standing, how do you feel when you wipe, and how do you feel that moment you are awkwardly conscience of your crotch in the middle of a conversation? It gets better…tabitha-bigbee-an-honest-life-cervical-fluid-feel








Look at all these options!! Favorite? “Not sure”. BECAUSE THAT’S LEGIT. Especially when you’re still getting used to looking at your fluids. Thanks for the validation, OvuView.  Next…texture.








This was the best for me. Having these extra options to describe the texture is a huge relief. Not just, “Creamy, Sticky, and Egg-white”. Because I’m frequently watery, viscous, lubricative, and even egg-white, but I’m NOT always elastic. Parts of the month I’m tacky, others I’m thick, but not sticky or creamy! It’s encouraging to know that there can be so many variations and still be normal. ALSO, that the app is smart enough to track all these different feels. This next bit is the key…






The all important stretch. If slippery, but not stretchy it’s probably not “peak day” fluids. Your “peak day” is the day you are the most likely to make a baby. If your cervical fluid is able to stretch an inch (or more for some women) between your fingers when you play with it then you need to choose one of the following courses of action:

  1. Wrap it up, keep it out, do other kinky things to sate your sex hunger! Anything to keep his dude out of your friendly fluid if you don’t want a baby!
  2. Quick! Go get naked and make a baby if that’s your end game!
  3. Watch Netflix, text your BFF, drink a glass of wine, take a girl power selfie, and feel relieved you don’t need to worry about making or not making a baby.

How much fluid is there. It’s not AS important as the rest, but if you’re trying to GET pregnant it could help to know how much baby batter water slide you’ve got going for you. Overall it’s just another clue building the whole picture of your fertile cycle. If you notice patterns and changes in the amounts then make notes because you may discover something about yourself you would never have known otherwise.






The other day I had GOBS of egg-white fluids that were NOT elastic. Since “gobs” is not available I chose “heavy”. But there was one other thing about my cervical fluid the other day that was very important.









Color! Why does this matter? It can be the one thing that helps us distinguish between two otherwise totally similar “readings”. Or it can give you yet other important clues to ovulation; I had pink in my egg-whites which means I had a bit of ovulation bleeding, so that got noted. If I hadn’t been paying to my fluids I wouldn’t have caught this detail.


Above everything else remember that you are you, you will have your own patterns and “normal” fluids, and that you can’t read your fluids wrong. They are what they are. If they don’t match a set of descriptive words then it’s because there aren’t enough words, not that you have weird fluid. Even after just a few months of tracking your fluids your familiarity and confidence will grow so that you know what your body does. You got this!


Very important note about tracking your cycle: you can totally track all this while you’re on the pill. It’s excellent practice for if you ever stop taking birth control pills. Plus, you’ll get to see in real time the difference between your body before and after the hormones which is hugely valuable. So no matter who you are, how old you are*, or what phase of birth control you are in start tracking your fertility symptoms now! It’s always the right time.


*Ok, if you’re post menopausal then probably you don’t need to do this any more if you don’t want. And also, congrats on leaving the monthly curse behind.

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