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We’ve talked about how terrible condoms are for us, right? Yeah. The majority of condoms have terrible chemicals that we are putting right on our tenderest bits. Awesome. So glad those have been (un)tested and approved. Condoms may not be a part of your regular life, but they are a part of mine, and when I found out that nearly every single brand of condom sold in the USA is filled with toxins I was bummed.

Meet the condom this is good for you.
Meet the condom this is good for you.

Which is why I’M FREAKING STOKED on this sexy company, Sustain Natural!! This company hits all the big factors:

  1. Condoms and other sex products that won’t give you cancer. Yay!
  2. Sustainable, fair trade, vegan. Why in the world does a condom need to be any of these things? Well, I honestly believe that the future is sustainable, circular economy applied to every industry. Next, shouldn’t EVERY product that sourced be sourced fairly regardless of it’s origins?!? OK. And then vegan? We’re not eating the condoms, are we? No, but if you are of the belief that animals should not be killed to make your life better and you opt out of using animal products then this is great news.
  3. Fearless Condom Use! The more people use condoms the fewer STDs there are. And oops babies. But also, the healthier our condom options are then the healthier our lives are. These condoms give me the freedom to NOT have babies, and also NOT pollute my system, all while avoiding hormone based forms of birth control.

So OBVIOUSLY I bought a box. Which is available by subscription! Yes. No more buying condoms for the store. They just magically appear in your mailbox. BEST. IDEA. EVER. This is great option for anyone, like me, who does not want to support the stores one usually buys condoms from. I.e. Target, Walgreen’s, etc.

I had kind of forgotten that I ordered these so when Brandon got the mail and there was a package with his name on it we were quizzical. I put his name on it because I think this is a really fun surprise package to send a husband. The packaging is completely devoid of all penis, vagina, and sex references. It’s just a brown box. Which is why I also had no idea what this package for Brandon was.


UNTILLLL…we opened it! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US! Healthy condoms! Yay!! Just in the nick of time, too. Look how adorable the packaging is! “Now have some fun”. Yes, please.


But, Tabitha, what everyone REALLY wants to know: HOW DO THEY FEEL!? Honestly? Great!


These condoms get an A+ from us! No irritation, great feel (or lack thereof) for both parties, no weird chemical smells, and works just like it should. Zero babies happening at the Highland house today my friends. I’m not sure what else to say about how they work because they work exactly like a condom, with the exception that they DO NOT subject our genitals to terrible chemicals.


The company is co-founded by a young woman from a family with decades of experience in chemical free products. She’s gotten a lot of crap from the public which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Slut-shaming her for making condoms that won’t kill us? Confusion level: 500. What is wrong with us? First girls get shamed for NOT using a condom, then we find out that they’re toxic, then a girl creates a solution, and then that girl gets shamed for USING condoms.


Aw, they gave us lube!
Aw, they gave us lube!


Want to know a little more about the toxins in condom thing? Check this out…

In September 2014, the Reproductive Health Technologies Project (RHTP) released independent test results of latex condoms sold in the United States. The tests found that only two major brands were free of detectable nitrosamines across their entire product line.

Sustain is proud to be one of those brands. We’ve taken the concerns about nitrosamines in condoms to heart and are dedicated to producing our styles without them.

Nitrosamines aren’t the only toxins on our minds. When it comes to condoms, a variety of other chemicals can slip between us and our partners. Some are formed during manufacturing. Others are found in the fragrances, odor masking agents, flavors, and spermicides many condoms contain.

Happily, you don’t need these things to make an excellent condom. So you won’t find them in Sustain. Instead, we’re committed to making a great brand of birth control that leaves only a wonderful afterglow behind. We’ve even lowered the protein levels in our latex to reduce the chances of an allergic reaction.

Why all the fuss about the chemicals in a product we may only use for a few minutes a day a few times a week? Because in a modern world filled with hazardous toxins and pollutants, every exposure counts. And staying healthy means reducing or preventing every possible contact with every potential toxin every chance we can get.



I hope you’ll give them a try, or at least go read more about this excellent options! And Sustain, thank you.


Seriously, Thank you.

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