Every-day Products that are Killing Your Vag

Your vagina is essentially a sponge. Because it’s so squishy and lined with delicate membranes anything you put on it will come into almost immediate contact with your blood. Also, it’s the hallway to your uterus so anything that goes into your vagina can enter your uterus. Not to mention the fact that anything going into your vagina is also touching the doorway to your uterus: your cervix. A little higher up you have your fallopian tubes and ovaries. The ovaries are pretty important in both your overall lady-health as well as in creating future generations.

The female body is very protective: the super delicate things are on the INSIDE our bodies and therefor bump up against the rest of our insides. Arteries, veins, membranes, vital organs…they’re all chillin’ at the same party. So if your vagina is a sponge that leads to all your most important organs it makes sense to be very careful about what goes INSIDE your vagina. Here is a short list of things that are ok to go inside your vag:

anything that isn’t toxic

anything clean of bad bacteria

anything of appropriate size and shape for you vagina


Seems easy! Uh, it WOULD be easy if we weren’t daily sold products that introduce not only irritating but out-right dangerous substances into our vaginas. Again, I’m glaring at you FDA. Here’s a list of things that go our vaginas on the reg that we have been taught are totally safe, but really should be public enemies:

  1. Tampons 
    Most big brand tampons contain: Endocrine disruptors; chemicals that cause your body to mis-produce hormones). Dioxins; a by product of the bleaching process, and a RECOGNIZED carcinogen. Pesticides; specifically the Round-Up (glysophate) used on cotton that has been made (GMO) resistant so can be sprayed many time in the growing process which permeates the fibers. And those into your sponge.

    Back when I used tampons these were my favorites!
    Back when I used tampons these were my favorites!
  2. Douches (not guys, washes):
    First of all, please don’t worry that your vagina/uterus are not clean after you period. Your body is self-cleaning. Our bodies took care of themselves in this area for thousands of years before we started being told we might be dirty because we own a vagina. I don’t smell a stinky vagina, I smell an entire industry based on telling women what’s wrong with them. A douche is full of fragrances and chemicals that are extremely harmful and we’re just blithely spraying them up in there, soooooo.
  3. Soap
    I would encourage you NOT to use soap in your vag. Your mom probably told you this, but lest we have forgotten here is why. Soaps have fragrances and antibacterials in them (not to mention fragrances), thus please keep them away from your womb entrance. Remember that you don’t want to get rid of the bacteria in your vagina or you could end up with a yeast infection (or worse.) Heads Up: bubble baths and bath bombs! Make sure you know 100% of the ingredients before soaking your lady bits in harmful substances all in the name of relaxation.

    Even this lovely bar of coconut soap should be used carefully around your vag.
  4. Fragrances
    Seriously? Fragrances?! IS THERE NOTHING SACRED?! Sigh. Companies are not required to reveal what is in their fragrances because they are private patent. Because they don’t have to tell you what’s in them they almost always contain chemicals that are KNOWN to be highly toxic and can contribute to or outright cause very serious illnesses and neurological damage. There’s a great article I like to refer to for you to read.
  5. Petroleum
    Petroleum products stop the body from following it’s natural processes. When placed on your skin it prevents your pores from doing their very important job of breathing and also detoxifying the body. The same is true of your vagina. Don’t smother your vag. Let it be free to do it’s work. But you should know that petroleum is in way more body product than you realize. Read those labels.
  6. Condoms
    Ok, they’re full of things that are toxic! The lube and the spermicides alone have serious chemicals and toxins that are incredibly offensive. It’s a whole thing and you can read about them in two different posts I’ve written: “Condoms Are Really Just Chemical Pockets” and “Condoms Without Cancer“.

    These condoms are not out to get you!
    These condoms are not out to get you!
  7. Spermicide
    Sigh. Condoms, films, foams jellies, they are all full of much of the above but have a bonus product. A terrible little thing called N-9. It’s incredibly toxic to the delicate walls of the vagina and also kills bacteria. That’s good right? No. You REQUIRE bacteria (the good guys) in your vagina in order to have a healthy vaginal ecosystem. Also, because it strips the vagina of it’s natural defenses it makes you MORE susceptible to disease. Perfect.
  8. Lube
    It’s on your condoms. It’s in your bedside table. It’s And it’s full of all of the above: fragrance, petroleum, chemicals, and sometimes flavors. Please shop for a natural option like they have over at Sustain! Story time! I had an embarrassing experience with a Victoria’s Secret “personal massage and lube” product. It was used on my back as a little lead up and I broke out in the worst hives of my life. It was wildly uncomfortable and far from sexy.



Makes you re-think what you’re putting into your vagina/sponge? Me, too. So why are these ingredients available if they’re so toxic?! One word: money. These industries are HUGE money makers and to disrupt the current state of affairs would cost companies way too much money. Why doesn’t the FDA do something? I’ll ask you one simple question and you decide: what motivation does the FDA have to change anything when it is governed by the same representatives and leaders who are governed by lobbyists? Again. Money.


BUT! If EVERY WOMAN stopped buying girl and sex products that have these toxins in them guess what would happen? It wouldn’t matter what the FDA said. Companies would change their product. The power is in YOUR hands, NOT the government’s. So, the best way to take a stand is to STOP BUYING products that are harmful to you (and your family!), and start giving your dollars to the people making products that support and enrich a non-toxic life.


Side note: your dollars are the loudest voice you have. Not Facebook. Not signing petitions. Not contacting Washington. Where we choose to spend our money can change the world. Makes you want to read up on where you spend most of your money, huh?


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