My Skin Regimen: Easy, Healthy, and Fast.

I don’t have a ton of patience for beauty rituals. But I also like feeling beautiful. Which means I’ve narrowed the process down to what really matters and said, “Bye Felicia” to all the rest. Multiple creams for difference parts of my face and day? I have no time for that.

I also have no time for products with toxic ingredients. That’s a pretty standard theme for this blog. Which means I’ve also narrowed down my products to the ones that I find MOST effective, MOST efficient, and MOST nourishing. If something is truly nourishing it cannot also be toxic.

People make comments like, “You have such beautiful skin! What do you do!?” I’m like, “I enjoy great genetics, and an active, clean, balanced lifestyle.” Because let’s be real and acknowledge that we inherit our skin. However, the choices we make in our skin do have a huge impact. Real, clean, unprocessed food. Water. Exercise. Sleep. A house full of products carefully screened to make sure they are not offensive to my neurological or immune systems. And also a rigorous cleansing of stress and anxiety from my emotional and physical being. The sum of all these efforts is much greater than the best skin care regimen.

But yes, I have chosen my skin care products carefully and I’m happy to share them with you! I’ll link everything so that you can try them out!

This year is the first time I’ve done anything to my skin the morning. Working outside all day I wear a lot of sunscreen and I didn’t want to put it straight on to my morning skin and possibly trap gross things in my pores thus creating pimples. Coincidentally, at the same time my friend Izumi gave me a lovely Japanese black sponge for exfoliating and cleansing gently. I started simply using warm water and the sponge to gently wash my face (no soap!) every morning to slough off dead skin, and I immediately noticed a difference. I have HUGE pores and am extremely prone to black heads, and this single step made my skin way more clear!




I did some homework and the konjac black sponge has bamboo and charcoal, both of which are extremely purifying and healing for the skin. Thank you, Izumi!



After I dry my face I apply moisturizer. I’m not a particularly dry skinned girl, but living at almost 8,000 ft altitude in what is technically the desert will make even the oiliest of the oily need to moisturize regularly. I’ve been using Jason Vitamin E Cream for years and I LOVE. So creamy! So soothing! So light! It is water based which means I’m left with soft skin, not greasy skin. If you’re not familiar with the fact that Vitamin E is the Super Hero of skin repair then you’re in for a treat.




Then, SUNSCREEN. I’m outside ALL THE TIME and I’m super white. Hello, Swedish genetics manifesting strongly. Even when I’m not living thousands of feet closer to the sun in thinner atmosphere I wear sunscreen regularly. HOWEVER. I am extremely picky about my sunscreen. In the last several years natural health thought leaders, scientists, and physicians have questioned which is worse for our skin; too much sun or the highly toxic sunscreen we use to protect ourselves from it. After testing SO MANY sunscreens I finally found THIS:


Original Sprouts’s Sunscreen. Light, non-greasy, non-toxic, totally rubs in without leaving a white residue, and only requires normal re-application. There’s a bottle in my bathroom, in my bag, in the tiny backpack on my snowboard binding, and in Brandon’s bathroom. Best. Stuff. Also, it’s on the EWG’s list of Top 10 Safe Sunscreens.



After the sunscreen I do a quick application of eye-liner and mascara, both of which I’m 100% sure are VERY toxic products, and I’m done! I’m ready to go!

So I just spent the day dancing or outside with sunscreen on, hiking, and exposed to dirt, brake dust, car exhaust, and who knows what else is in the air. Plus, I have eye make-up on that’s got to come off before I sleep. To take off all the sweat, war paint, and grime I use a bar soap that I can not rave enough about!



Mountain Ocean Skin Trip. Check out those ingredients. So pure, so natural, only what our skin really needs. The lather is luxurious and the natural coconut scent is delightful. Why is this magical? Because coconut oil actually pulls impurities out of my pores while the olive oil restores balance to my sebum production by leaving rich oils in my skin. It’s safe to use around your eyes because it’s all natural, so I can wash my make-up off with it no problem. It rinses cleanly but without leaving me feeling stripped.



Then I use more of the Jason Vitamin E Cream moisturizer! This stuff is so soothing. I use extra at night; especially around my eyes. Which is safe because the ingredient list is safe.



What about anti-aging creams? What about caring for the skin around my eyes?! If “fine lines and wrinkles” are going to come then let them come. I’m living a healthy life, and I’m giving my skin lovely moisture and protection – even around my eyes. I’m 35 years old so if some age starts to show soon; so be it. I don’t depreciate with age, so I refuse to get my panties in a bunch about my years showing on my face. Living a lifestyle to be healthy long-term is more important than being worried about lines that tell the world I love to smile and laugh!

SO MANY OF YOU out there have amazing, natural products that you love, too! I want to know about them! Because while it’s great to find products we love and trust, it’s also fun to change things up sometimes. Also, as you noticed I’m still using toxic eye make-up (MAC!) and could use recommendations to replace those. Please comment your favorites, my crunchy friends!

I’m off to take Thora on a hike now!


Quick notes on avoiding toxic product ingredients:
– anything petroleum
– fragrances that are not 100% natural
– dyes/coloring that are not 100% natural
– alcohol
– laurel and laureth sulfates
– ingredients you don’t understand or cannot easily pronounce

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  1. Anik
    April 9, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    Not that this website is the end-all-be-all, but I use to hunt out safe and effective products. They test and evaluate tons of makeup and skincare lines and give you a breakdown of ingredients and why a product might be worth it, or not….even down to how packaging can destroy ingredients faster. They are associated with Paula’s Choice, but I generally ignore that line of products. Love your blog!

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