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Joy Guide

This blog has nothing to do with natural shower/beauty products! Or coconut oil. Or keeping babies out of my uterus without using hormones or chemicals.

No. THIS blog is about my OTHER blog. Because one blog is simply not enough? Because I have a whole new undertaking! I’m a Joy Guide and I’ve got a whole blog to go along with it… Read more →


Creativity:  Noun.  The use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work. (Thanks Google.) First question: Is your job a creative job?  Most people are like “Um, no.  My job is completely the opposite.” Second question: Does your job present challenges that you have to solve?  Almost everyone is all, “SO MANY.” So then… Read more →


Fear has been the most difficult topic that I have ever written about. To what depth do I take the topic?  Do I reveal my own fears?  Should I delve into what I believe the true root and cure for fear is?  Would it be best to keep it relevant only to business and not touch on deeply emotional aspects… Read more →