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Every-day Products that are Killing Your Vag

Your vagina is a sponge that leads to all your most important organs so you are careful about what goes INSIDE your vagina. Seems easy! Uh, it WOULD be easy if we weren’t daily sold products that introduce not only irritating but out-right dangerous substances into our vaginas. Again, I’m glaring at you FDA. Here’s a list of things that go our vaginas on the reg that we have been taught are totally safe, but really should be public enemies: Read more →

Condoms Without Cancer

We’ve talked about how terrible condoms are for us, right? Yeah. The majority of condoms have terrible chemicals that we are putting right on our tenderest bits. Awesome. Which is why I’M FREAKING STOKED on this sexy company, Sustain Natural, for creating a non-toxic solution! And it’s a subscription model. Yes. Condoms delivered to your door. No more awkward cashier exchanges. Read more →