Thrive Causemetics Review: TL;DR It’s Awesome.

My detoxifying zeal was dormant all winter, but it came back full force this spring with particular focus on my INCREDIBLY toxic make-up. My make-up has been a guilty pleasure for a long time, but it’s time to clean this baby up.


My primary focus was finding safe mascara; second is eye liner. Because I have great eyelashes, but they are invisible without mascara. See: being a natural blonde. Eyeliner because it also brings out my eyes, and the more you look at my eyes the less you look at my nose. It’s a diversion tactic.

I started to research and read reviews for non-toxic mascaras and eye liners. I discovered very few products that raised my interest. I tried Mineral Fusion and I HATED IT. It seems silly to waste such strong emotion on mascara, but truly I hate this stuff. It goes on great, but LITERALLY flakes off within 4 hours of wear. So now my lashes are no longer distracting you from my nose, but the black freckles all over my face are. Awesome.

Anyway. Instagram to the rescue! The algorithms that stalk me knew I was looking for non-toxic make-up and suggested THRIVE Causemetics in my scroll. I was INSTANTLY curious, and the more I read the MORE EXCITED I GOT!


Here are the Top Three Reasons Why I’m loving THRIVE Causemetics:

  1. Safe, Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free Make-Up
    Not pretend non-toxic (I’m looking at you, Tarte!!), but actually SAFE make-up. Paraben, sulfate, latex, and petrochemical-free. Vegan; cruelty-free. Many products are gluten free for those of you with an allergy!
  2. The Products WORKS
    So far the products I’ve tried are BETTER than my current brands. (For those who are curious: mostly MAC and Too Faced.)
    If you know anything about me you know I love a cause for the ladies. THRIVE works on a TOMS model (but TOMS are ugly and this makes you feel pretty) that gives to women who are thriving through cancer or domestic abuse. Here, read for yourself.


It’s more expensive than drug store make-up but less expensive than designer. It’s on par with MAC prices. I have been using the eye-liner, mascara, and eye brightener consistently for about three weeks. I’m a light make-up wearer; just mascara and liner most days. It is time to share my review of each product! BTW: I am not being paid for this. If they wanted to pay me in product I wouldn’t complain, but it’s better if they give it to a woman who is thriving through challenges. I’m not writing this blog to get product, ok? Ok.


Brilliant Eye Brightener: Stella (Champagne Shimmer)

TBH I had no idea what eye-brightener was before I got it. What the heck IS it? It’s a crayon that makes your eyes look awake even when you don’t feel that way. Apply it to the inside corners, under the lower lashes, and under your eye brows. The slight shimmer catches light and bounces it out away from those areas creating the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes. I may not have heard about this magical stuff before I started using it, but now I’m using it every day.


  • Easy to apply
  • Built in sharpener that I am too lazy to ever use, but it’s cool that they built it in
  • Feel pretty


  • None




Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner: Lauren (Black Matte)

I haven’t used an eyeliner pencil in YEEEEARS. In 2014 I ran out of my Cover Girl liner one day and started using black MAC eye shadow and an angled brush because I couldn’t be bothered to go buy more of the CG. I’m telling you; I don’t do fussy daily make-up. I am legit re-learning how to apply eye liner like I’m 12 years old. It would be embarrassing if it wasn’t so funny!

I really like how easyily it glides on. Oh, and a little goes a long way! This liner lasts through hikes and ballet classes no problem; it stays in place. (I was going to say “no sweat”, but there is actually a lot of sweat involved.) I like the blackest black color even though I’m blonde. Drama!

This stuff REALLY doesn’t budge. Usually my Mountain Ocean Skin Trip coconut bar soap conquers all; not this stuff. I need to use make-up remover, a.k.a. coconut oil. Is this really a draw back? Not for me. But my sister-friend cannot be bothered with make-up remover so that’s a deal breaker for her.


  • Easy application
  • Stays where I put it
  • Doesn’t sting/burn/smell weird
  • Built in sharpener; again I’ll never use it, but it’s cool


  • I have to use coconut oil to remove it



Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara: Brynn (Rich Black)

I want big, fluffy, delicious eyelashes every day. I have been blessed with great lashes, and I want to show them off. (Remember, nose diversion.) In the course of my make-up wearing life I have tried 23 types of mascara. From drug store to designer, from lengthening to plumping, from 3-in-one to 16-in-one (NOT KIDDING), from black to blacker; I know my stuff when it comes to mascara. My favorite was MAC Extreme Dimension Lash…until now. (Side note; mascara names are hilariously over-dramatic.)

THRIVE mascara is everything. Lengthening. Thickening. Easy to apply. Saturated black. And most importantly it STAYS. The wand is deceptively effective, easy to use, coats and separates even the tiniest lashes, and the tube itself has a nice weighty feel. The formula is creamy with NO smell! It washes off easily with my coconut bar soap and warm water. TA-DA! The perfect mascara!!



  • Luscious falsie look lashes
  • Won’t kill me
  • Great application and wear


  • Is usually back ordered (this is an excellent sign!)



There are two more products in my bag to be replaced with a non-toxic option: eye shadow and bronzer. I’m not replacing my foundation or contour kit because I use them approximately 3 times a year and I am confident in the resilience and health of my body to handle such infrequent use. It makes the most sense to start replacing the items I use the MOST. Which is why the next two products are what I will be purchasing when next I have money for make-up.


Focus Eye Shadow Palette Duo: Palette 1 and 2

Palette No. 1: Bronze, gold and brown tones
Palette No. 2: Grey, midnight blue + plum tones

I want the duo set because it’s more economical and replaces ALL of my current eye shadow shades. How often do you look at a palette and think, “I love 3 out of 14 of these colors.” I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy in the cosmetic industry. I have a palette of 9 colors by Too Faced. I use 3 of them. Then I have 3 pots from MAC that I use on the reg. Lucky for me these two palettes from THRIVE consolidate all of the colors I currently use in two sleek compacts! I love minimizing almost as much as I love detoxifying.


Sun Chase Blur and Sculpt Bronzing Powder: Eos (Shimmer)

I do love bronzer! I am not a blush wearing babe because I am already so pink, but bronzer gives me glow while diffusing redness. Also, remember I’m a pale lady and a little glow is very helpful. Currently I use a MAC bronzer that is gorgeous; toxic, but gorgeous. Happily, this THRIVE shade seems to be VERY similar! I’m super excited to try it! Yay!


Then there are a couple items I don’t actually need to replace because I don’t even use these in my make-up habit, but I’m very curious about them. Especially after reading all the enthusiastically happy reviews. This eye brow liner and a lippy aren’t high on my priority list but maybe someday?


Infinity Waterproof Eye Brow Liner: Christina (Light-Dark Blonde)

This is a product I’m going to take a chance on. I currently don’t do any brow-ing. Not even consistent tweezing because I’ve got clear eyebrows. When I do occasionally bring my brows in to existence I like the look – especially in photos. I don’t know that I’ll use this every day, but it will be great for when I want to look like a normally brow’d human and/or be photographed. It MIGHT be the perfect solution for stage eye-brows!


Lip Mate High-Shine Reviving Topper

The fact is I’m afraid of lip color. I have tricky skin color, and an almost non-existent upper lip. In my self-perception (which is so twisted, amirite, ladies?!) colors emphasize my lack of lip. The colors I try make me either very red or very pale. When I first saw this lip gloss I noticed the sparkles, remembered Claire’s Accessories a la 1996, and dismissed it. The second time through I read the reviews. Always read the reviews! Women love this lippy. It subtly enhances their natural color, moisturizes without stick, and is long lasting. Hm. I’m intrigued.


I even asked their instant chat customer service (I love this feature) what shade would be best for a blonde, blue eyed, red toned person. The rep recommended Glossy Lip Mark in JoAnn (Plum Mauve), but I’m too gun shy! Third shade from the right. I dunno, man. Looks dark.



As you look through their products you might experience an unfamiliar feeling…what you are feeling is the absence of negative self-image based promotion coupled with a stream-lined product offering. The company started with false lashes (cancer patients were the catalyst of the company’s inception) and has expanded it’s offerings since 2013. They are always adding new products, BUT they take their time producing a product that is safe and meets our actual needs; not made-up-and-then-imposed-upon-us “needs”. I respect that THRIVE advertises from a platform based on healthy empowerment and self-perception rather than leveraging our insecurities against us thus perpetuating the culture of “not pretty enough”.


The THRIVE Lab is where you get to be involved in the invention of new products. They are currently working on a face cream and you can chime in about what’s important to you in skin care. What would I like to see from them? An eye-shadow primer to keep shadow from creasing.





I love THRIVE Causemetics and will continue to use these products! If you want to purchase your own product use this link for a discount! THRIVEFRIENDS10



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  5 comments for “Thrive Causemetics Review: TL;DR It’s Awesome.

  1. April 21, 2018 at 9:33 am

    Suggestions for lip color for red headed, green eyed 64 year young lady? TY! 🙂

  2. Megan
    April 19, 2018 at 11:00 pm

    These are not toxin free. In fact they use a LOT of Talc which is linked to cancer.

  3. Trelly
    January 10, 2018 at 6:03 pm

    How long will it take for delivery in San Jose California.

  4. JJ Orloff
    September 7, 2017 at 1:58 am

    Interested in the mascara and fake lashes and the eyeliner, bronzer and highlighter. I have brown highlighted hair and medium skin tine and what color gloss would you suggest? I prefer the brownish colors.

  5. July 18, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Want to use the causematics. Love the idea. I have infinity eyeliner and it’s difficult to sta or even put on water line. Any suggestions?????

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